Turbocharged and ready to fight the BMW M3 and M4 with a nasty Detroit attitude, the 2016 Cadillac ATS-V will start at a similar $61,460. Wanna know about the options? You've come to the right place.

The full list of options showed up this afternoon on the ATS-V.org forums, and I've helpfully pasted it below. It's not quite as nice as a full configurator, but it gives us a good idea what we're looking at.

Track Performance Package (RPO Code: Y4Q) $6195

  • Carbon Fiber Package *
  • Performance Data and Video Recorder
  • Low Mass Battery
  • Deleted Items**
  • Carpeted Front Floor Mats
  • Carpeted Rear Floor Mats
  • Tire Inflation Kit
  • Tow Hooks

** In order to get the deleted options added back to the car, you will need to order the Protection Package (RPO Code: WPQ).

Brake Calipers $595

  • Red (J6F)
  • Dark Gold (J6J)

Luxury Package (RPO Code: Y91) $2500

  • Cadillac CUE and Navigation***
  • Sport Alloy Pedals
  • Universal Home Remote
  • High Intensity Headlamps
  • Slip-Folding Rear Seat (Not available with the Track Performance Pack)

Cadillac CUE and Navigation (RPO Code: Y26) $1085 ***

  • Cadillac CUE with Embedded Navigation
  • Bose Premium Surround Sound 10-Speaker System (The V-Coupe gets an extra pair of speakers (12 total)
  • 110V Power Receptacle

Head-Up Display (RPO Code: UV6) $425

  • Included in the Safety & Security Package

Performance Data & Video Recorder (RPO Code: UQT) $1300

  • Requires you to order the CUE and Nav Pack and it included with the Track Performance Package


  • Recaro Performance Seats (RPO Code: W2E) $2300

Steering Wheels

  • Sueded Microfiber (Requires that you order the Sueded Microfiber Shifter) (RPO Code: 53S) $300
  • Steering Wheel Mounted Paddle Shifter (Obviously you have to order the Auto) (RPO Code: K87)

Sunroof (RPO Code: CF5) $1050

  • Requires you order the Luxury Package but is unavailable with the Track Package)

Carbon Fiber Package (RPO Code: CFZ) $5000 *

  • Carbon Fiber Front Splitter
  • Hood Vent Trim
  • Rear Diffuser
  • Composite (non-carbon) Black Rocker Extensions
  • Composite (non-carbon) Body Color Rear Spoiler

Safety and Security Package (RPO Code: PCW) $1850

  • Advanced Security Package
  • Driver Awareness Package
  • Rear Thorax Air Bags
  • Head-Up Display
  • Requires that you order the Luxury Package, but not available with the Track Performance Pack

Protection Package (RPO Code: WPQ) $305

  • Carpeted Front Floor Mats
  • Carpeted Rear Floor Mats
  • Tire Inflation Kit
  • Tow Hooks
  • Replacement package for items deleted in the Track Performance Package

Wheels (RPO Code: R38) $900

  • 18" X 9" Front Wheels
  • 18" X 9.5" Rear Wheels
  • Polished Finish

Personally, I'd be pretty happy with the track package and nothing else. Anyone feel like spec'ing out a similar M3 and M4 and seeing how similar they would be in price to the ATS-V? I'd do it but I'm tied up running the show this evening.


Hat tip to Nick!