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People are spotting new (2019?) Toyota Supra prototypes all the time now. Usually pictures of these cars are exciting, though last week we had a little scare when one was seen with some godawful Harvey Dent-faced wheels. Luckily today somebody saw one on some beautiful rollers I actually hadn’t seen before.

Many-spoked “basketweave” and similarly designed rims are by far my second favorite style of rolling stock, after Arelli Assassyns of course, and I’m stoked to see Toyota testing out a set on what we’re all sure is its next Supra.


The wheels on this test mule actually look a little like one of the BMW M4 GTS sets I liked so much when that car came out.

Jalopnik reader Patrick caught the test mule roaming around Santa Monica, CA and was kind enough to share them with us. The body looks like the same Supra prototype we’ve been seeing for months, but the wheels are what seem to be new and interesting here.

While Toyota reps have already confirmed that the next Supra won’t be a cheap performance machine like the 86 and Subaru BRZ, I’m optimistic that the car will be worth its asking price when it does come out. I have to be. Please, Toyota, don’t let us down.


Hat tip to Patrick E.!

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