The BMW M4 GTS Concept Is Your Bavarian Water-Injected Track Star

The BMW M4 is certainly capable on the track. It certainly performs at the track. But it’s not entirely built specifically for the track. The BMW Concept M4 GTS, as BMW calls it, or the BMW M4 GTS Concept, as those who prefer a more grammatically correct nomenclature refer to it, is supposed to be that no-speed-limit superstar.


Of course, those of us who aren’t just sticklers for the joys of grammar, but also for the joys of the proverbial writing on the wall would see that this is really the BMW M4 GTS “Concept,” as it looks pretty damn near production-ready. In fact, BMW’s already saying that the “Concept” showcases technologies that will debut on a production model.

With my immense powers of prediction that should only be used for good and NEVER EVIL, I foresee that what you’re looking at will eventually be called the BMW M4 GTS. No “concept” at all.


But it really is those track-ready technologies that set this car far, far apart from any run-of-the-mill M4, beginning with the water injection system. I can regale you with tales about how it works, but I’ll actually let the German engineers at BMW explain:

The engine powering the BMW Concept M4 GTS is equipped with the same innovative water injection system that has endowed the BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Car with a noticeable increase in output and torque.

The water injection system introduced by BMW M Division sees the engineers using the physical effect of water when vaporising to draw the required energy from the ambient medium. The water is injected into the plenums of the intake manifold as a fine spray. When the water vaporises, the intake air cools significantly. As a result, the final compression temperature in the combustion chamber – and therefore the engine’s tendency to “knock” – is reduced, enabling the turbocharged engine to use higher boost pressure and earlier injection timing.

This technology ensures an increase in output and torque, while at the same time reducing the thermal stress on performance-relevant components. All of which also enhances the stability and durability of the turbocharged engine. The BMW Concept M4 GTS therefore brings high-performance technology directly from the race track to the road.

The strong performance potential of the turbocharged six-cylinder in-line engine already demands an exceptionally sophisticated thermal management system for the engine and ancillary units. To ensure optimal operating temperatures in all situations, the M Division engineers have developed a highly innovative and effective cooling system. It comprises a main radiator plus additional radiators for the high- and low-temperature circuits, transmission and turbocharger in order to keep temperatures stable. The turbochargers are cooled by means of an indirect intercooler, assisted by an additional electric water pump.


Basically, BMW asked its wonks what was cooler than being cool, and they replied “ICE COLD.”

There’s a whole bunch of lightweight goodies, too, starting with a carbon fiber hood, a carbon fiber splitter, and oh my god did you see that fat carbon fiber wing?????


Oh, and there’s something about OLED taillights too, but until we see them in action I’m not sure anybody’s going to be going goo-goo over some taillights.


But in the grand tradition of the BMW M3 Evo, BMW M3 CSL, and the BMW M3 CRT, expect to see it on the track pretty soon.


Photos credit: BMW

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