Hagerty Has Perfect Video Response To Fashion Label's 911 Destruction

As you might remember, a U.S. fashion label recently thought New York City looks like this if you jam it into a studio. Classic car insurer Hagerty doesn’t seem to agree with them.


The car was a 1979 Porsche 911 SC, that concrete barrier weighs two tonnes and their skinny blonde is British model/actress Gabriella Wilde. We still have no idea what any of this has to do with the great city of New York, but nothing at all remains a fair guess.

I honestly don’t want to go all Vampire Weekend on Rag and Bone, but it’s hard to understand what they wanted to express here, unless their only aim was to end up on every car site on the web, in which case I must congratulate them for making it to Jalopnik, twice.

According the the company, here’s what their Fall/Winter 2015 campaign is all about:

Shot by Glen Luchford, with art direction by Peter Miles, the concept revolves around bringing aspects of New York into a studio setting.

Wilde’s signature natural beauty is toughened up as she ventures into a destructive scene of a graffiti- strewn concrete barrier hurtling into a 1979 Porsche 911 SC.

In another setting, the familiar New York sight of smoke emanating from a manhole cover is given an ominous, cinematic feel as the black billowing clouds engulf the surrounding space.


Gabriella Wilde had this to add after cashing in her check:

rag and bone has an understated coolness. It is chic with an edge which I love. I loved the campaign concept. It was very different, a bit raw and I love the hardness of the images.


A bit raw is one way of putting it:

It’s not like there aren’t any more 1979 Porsche 911s left you can buy, but the pointless destruction of what seems to be a completely fine classic car well never get to be cool in our book. Especially since owning an old 911 in New York City is the most rewarding challenge one can take on.


And that’s exactly why we prefer Hagerty’s version:

Sick burn, Hagerty. Literally.

Photo credit: Rag and Bone. Hat tip to M Goralski!


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