"Great, Six Years Of Car Payments!" — Your Lexus Christmas Ad Parody Roundup Is Here

Illustration for article titled "Great, Six Years Of Car Payments!" — Your Lexus Christmas Ad Parody Roundup Is Here

Christmas is just around the corner, Jalops! Hopefully you've finished all your shopping by now, including signing a surprise lease on that Lexus SUV for your spouse and buying a huge red bow to put it on it.


What's that, you say? You don't buy people expensive luxury cars for Christmas every year because you try to live within your means, you prefer to discuss major purchases with your partner ahead of time, and you aren't a crazy person? Okay, fine. I'll pass that on to the folks at Lexus, but I'm sure they'll be very disappointed.

The holiday season means having to endure endless rounds of these TV ads, where Lexus (and now other luxury car companies) try to convince you that this is somehow a normal thing to do and a good idea. Last week, I asked you guys which car you'd rather get with a bow on it, and most of you had higher ambitions than an ES350.

We must not be the only people who are annoyed with these ads, because quite a few parodies exist out there on the YouTubes. I went ahead and rounded up some of them for your viewing pleasure. Happy holidays, and if you find any we missed, paste them into the comments below!

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Warning: Some NSFW-y language in this one

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Hmm, should I try and find that video of the brat whining that daddy bought her the wrong color Mercedes?

EDIT: found it (or one like it)