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I generally don't wish ill on anyone, but given the chance, I'd probably put my fist through the skull of whoever invented those Lexus ads they run around the holidays.


You know, the ones where the woman (or the man, in some cases) runs outside on Christmas day to find a shiny new Lexus with a red bow waiting for them.

Who even does that? In real life, I mean, not in the ads. What spouse would be totally cool with their husband or wife spending a ton of money on a car without discussing it with them first? If such people do exist, I have a feeling they're in the Ferrari-Bentley crowd, and wouldn't degrade themselves by buying a lowly Lexus.


Anyway, the ads are irritating, but they do sell a nice fantasy. We'd all love to see a shiny new car in our driveway on Christmas (or whatever you celebrate.)

So here's our question this weekend: What car would you like to see with that red bow on it? Knowing you folks, I'm gonna go ahead and assume it's not a Lexus RX 350. Tell Santalopnik what you want for Christmas in the comments.

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