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You ever tune into one of those car auctions when you're bored on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon? There's always a lot of classic American iron at those things, but it's just an endless stream of classic Mustangs, Corvettes, Camaros and Firebirds. There's more to American muscle than that.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on those cars or the people who buy them. I just think we should celebrate the great diversity of kickass American cars.

That's our question of the day: What's the most underrated American muscle car of all time?


I'll go with the obvious choice: the AMC AMX. Hell, just about anything from AMC's lineup could get this nod, but the two-seat AMX is my favorite. Anyone who owns one of these is cool in my book.

Your turn, which American muscle car deserves more love than it gets?

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