Gordon Murray Announces T.27 Before T.25 Even Built

Gordon Murray's busy hiding the T.25 City Car from view, but he's unveiled plans for his next project, the T.27. It'll supposedly be the most efficient all-electric vehicle in the world with aims at ditching everything we think about EV's.


What you see above is not the T.27, it's the latest mule version of the aforementioned T.25, but the newest member of the growing Gordon Murray Design family will borrow heavily from the lessons learned with that project. In order to achieve their target of "most efficient EV in the world," they plan to ditch a lot of what we take for granted in EV's. and are partnering with Zytek, one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of electric motors in the world, to develop and all-new motor and gearbox for the car. It'll also use simplified lightweight construction the same iStream manufacturing process planned for hte T.25. In other words, when we cut through all the hullabaloo of a formal announcement, it's probably an EV version of the T.25. [DailyMail]

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