Gordon Murray T25 Could Lead To Apple Car

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The Gordon Murray T25 is more about proving a radical new production process than it is about reinventing the city car, the designer told Car Magazine. That process could enable non-car companies to manufacture automobiles.

Called iStream, the process reduces the scale of production facilities by 80 percent and requires no metal pressings.


"T25 is just one example of what you can build using iStream," said Murray. "We've had 20 inquiries from 15 different countries; only seven are existing car producers. We've had governments saying ‘we need a car for our cities.' But equally you could start seeing cars coming from brand owners like Apple or Virgin or Sony."

The T25 is scheduled for its official debut next week, but don't expect to see one in showrooms any time soon. It's a proof-of-concept only and needs to find a sponsor before it can be put into production. Don't expect the vehicle you see next week to look like the production version either, it's expected that as-yet-unfound sponsor will want to alter the styling to fit its own corporate branding. [via Car Magazine]

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I think I have seen prototypes of this car in my neighbors back yard. Does it have black wheels, red doors, and a yellow top?