(Image Credits: Kristen Lee, Andrew Collins)

The $207,900 Range Rover SVAutobiography is comfortable, of course. It’s also optimized for lazy passengers. The amount of motorization in the back seat of this thing is absolutely awesome if you’re an indolent millionaire, and probably the opposite if you’re the fourth owner trying to keep all these electronics alive.

Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations division is sort of like BMW’s M or Mercedes’ AMG. It’s a company-within-a-company that takes Jaguars and Land Rovers and dials them up. But unlike similar specialty brands within other automakers, SVO has three distinct build styles: “SVR” for performance, “SVX” for off-road ability, and “SVA” or “SVAutobiography” for luxury.

In practice, “SVR” translates to loads of noise, “SVX” means red tow-hooks and “SVA” is about finding the most extreme definition of “power-everything.”

The bow of the swankiest Range Rover ever conceived is decorated with a textured badging. Put your finger on it and it feels like a tough jewel, which I imagine is exactly what the SUV’s creators were going for.


That bedazzling continues in the interior. It’s not quite fake-diamond. It’s definitely not dull plastic. But it is everywhere.


Once you get to the back, the front seat can courteously crush its occupant to make a ingress a little easier on the rear passenger. Once seated, the people in the back have almost infinitely adjustable padding.


The most interesting parts of this machine are the ones that move, though. The rear doors can be closed automatically from a push of a button in the center console. Right next to that control is one for the refrigerator, and another ejects center-mounted tray tables. There’s also an AC plug that pops out like a cup holder.

Now I’m going to go ahead and overwhelm your brain and browser with animations of all the most-fun motions I found in this thing:

Tidy power supply.


Straight out of Austin Powers.

Even the, whatever this pocket is, is absurdly complex.


You have to push it by hand once it’s straight up, but that’s still pretty sweet.

Tray action.


In the back, a beautiful wood tray cargo floor can slide out for, well, whatever. If a cantaloupe rolls out of a grocery bag and gets stuck at the far end of the stowage area, I guess.

The moral of the story is that the Range Rover SVA is the ultimate car for people who don’t want one ounce of exercise beyond button-pushing. And probably the worst possible car to try and rescue from flood damage.