Go Small And Go Anywhere In This Suzuki Jimny Camper

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If you’re looking for an overlanding rig, but you refuse to buy one that you can’t hold in your hand and/or put in your shirt pocket, today is your day. Someone has thoughtfully converted this 2003 Suzuki Jimny into what they’re calling a motorhome. And it’s for sale at The Market, a UK-based auction site.


The custom rear bodywork houses living quarters with a sink, a two-burner gas stove, a single seat and an L-shaped bed fit for a smallish person or two. Are those wood floors? Oh my god, yes. What looks to be a custom fabricated rear bumper houses adorable, arrow-shaped turn indicators, a crucial detail that wasn’t missed by our in-house indicator perv, Jason Torchinsky.

The whole thing is coated in something similar to a gray Rhino Lining coating. It looks functional, even if I’d prefer some color on something this cute. You could do the Kinetic Yellow that Suzuki applies to the current Jimny. Maybe a two-tone pastel body and white roof situation? Maybe something bright and hopeful? Or maybe a killer airbrush mural? You’ve got literally tens of square feet of canvas here, no reason to restrain your creative impulses.


The ad suggests this is a very thoughtfully designed, well-built camper that has been well maintained by the current owner/seller. From its little 1.3-liter engine to its new wheels and tires, it looks like it’s ready to go on whatever adventure you and a small companion can imagine — provided you live somewhere in Europe. This little guy won’t be eligible for import into whatever this country is now for quite a while. (Thanks for the tip, Cristi!)

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While I applaud the effort, I have some usability concerns.

1. That doesn’t look tall enough to stand up it anywhere, least of all in the kitchen area where you would really want to stand up.

2. Why does it have a gas stove right underneath a synthetic carpet sleeping area?

While I am totally on board with built in living areas, this feels not quite enough livability to justify it over a nice slide out kitchen and a roof top tent.

Neat tho