Go Crazy With New Web-Based Rideshare Service

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Problem: Apparently there are people out there with cars who want to give people a ride. Conversely, there are people out there who don't have a car who want to get rides.

Solution: The internet, duh!

Although we're slightly dubious as to whether there's really a great need for a service to accomplish this in places other than college campuses and to facilitate one person's need for blood on the spooky road leading to Camp Crystal Lake, there's now a website to connect these two disparate groups. It's called "GoLoCo" and it's supposed to be a service that helps people arrange ride sharing, helping to handle online payments from passengers to drivers for their share of the trip costs. But with "reasons why we GoLoCo" including a picture of a young woman and her "reason" listed as "the first time it happened I was taken by surprise - my passenger knew a good plumber and I needed a good plumber! Now, whenever I go to a conference or networking meeting, I always try to GoLoco." we're thinking it's maybe less ride-sharing and more AdultFriendFinder in a car. Eeew — all we know is we'd have to BeLoCo to use GoLoCo. (Apologies on the obvs pun — but whtevs, it was there and we took it.) [Hat tip to zizzy!]

The Ride Revolution [GoLoCo.org]

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