GM, Tiger Woods Limp Away From Endorsement Deal

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Tiger Woods and GM will part ways after five years, a reported $40 million and a lot of Buick Enclave commercials. The press release from GM goes out if its way to suggest any link to what's happening in Washington, D.C is "purely coincidental" so, you know, feel free to blame Tiger's knees instead. But it's weird to see GM claiming the decision came after a search for "budget efficiencies" yet having nothing to do with the lack-of-federal funding. We do have to admit, Tiger Woods was a valuable acquisition for Buick, letting them appeal to the older, affluent golf-watching demographic and younger, affluent multiracial golf-playing demo simultaneously. GM hasn't announced a replacement, but we hear John Daly will do it for free beer and hot wings. Press release below the jump.

GM And Tiger Woods Announce End To Endorsement Deal DETROIT, MICHIGAN – General Motors and Tiger Woods announced today that they will conclude their endorsement deal effective December 31, 2008. Both GM and Woods agreed to a mutual and amicable separation that included a desire for more personal time for the 14-time major winner who is expecting his second child in late winter as well as the search for budget efficiencies during a difficult economy for General Motors. For the past nine years, Woods has endorsed GM products around the world and has been heavily associated with the Buick brand in the US, Canada and China markets. Mark LaNeve, General Motors North American Vice President of Sales, Service and Marketing said, “Tiger has been a great friend to GM and a fantastic asset through the years helping to bring consumer awareness to many new GM products. In light of the news coming out of Washington,” LaNeve added, “This decision is the result of discussions that started earlier in the year and the timing of this agreement with these other activities is purely coincidental.” In a statement, Woods commented, “I am very proud of the long standing partnership I’ve had with GM and have enjoyed being a part of the company’s dramatic product evolution. We’ve had a lot of fun together and I participated in some unique and rewarding activities. We’ve enjoyed a tremendous partnership over the years and we will maintain strong ties with the many people at GM we call friends.”


[Source: GM]



With all the influence celebrities have; I'd like to see them do the commercials for free.


Yeah. Do something patriotic for your country in its time of need. C'mon Barbra. Instead of lambasting Bush as you have for 8 years, maybe you can actually make a contribution with some of the billions you've stashed over the years.

HMMM. Maybe they could actually BUY an American-made vehicle. What could they lose? If they hate it that much, they can donate it to one of those car charities.

What a difference they could make by doing something substantive, rather than yapping about what's wrong with the world. Talk about becoming a role model. Yeah, maybe then, Americans will take a second look at what the domestic car companies are offering and truthfully, how they stack up to the competition.