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GM Planning Escalade Hybrid

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It's a bit like spiking a flute of Cristal with lemon-ginger tea. GM boss Rick Wagoner said today the company is building a mild hybrid version of the new Cadillac Escalade — not a surprise as much as a culture-shock moment accompanied by visions of environmentally conscious Crips waving their gats in the air outside the office of some villainous chemical company. Wagoner made the announcement on site at the Baltimore transmission plant that will build hybrid-drive systems for the Caddy, which will be ready by 2008, as well as for the company's other full-sized trucks. An expected 25 percent boost in fuel economy, according to Automotive News indicates the hybrid could get 30mpg, a number that rivals a hat full of clowns for sheer laughability.


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A hybrid SUV is almost an oxymoron. I guess it depends on one's interpretation of what a hybrid is all about. We have been convinced that a SUV is "needed" and now affordable to run. What did the SUV owner use previously when the SUV was not a moniker?