Hybrid Happenings at GM

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The General debuted a couple of new hybrid vehicles here in Detwa, one of 'em with a rather interesting twist. Farago wrote in from afar to remind us that GM had previously shown a hybrid vehicle that wasn't actually a hybrid, and that if possible we should check for the hybrid system with our own two eyes. Interestingly enough, when our operative asked a GM staffer on the Chevy stand for a peep under the hood of the '08 Tahoe Dual-Mode Hybrid, a couple of product specialists came over and warned them off the stand as soon as the staffer started to pop the bonnet. Take that as you will, readers.

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In other news, Saturn introduced the Vue Green Line Hybrid. Designed to be a more affordable hybrid, the numbers aren't exactly stunning (27 city, 32 hwy), but the small ute's price is significantly lower than offerings from either Ford or Toyota, coming in around $23,000.

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