GM Offers Incentives To Toyota Buyers Looking To Avoid A Fiery Death

Claiming their dealers have received "thousands of calls" from Toyota customers wanting to make the switch, GM is making their Japanese competitor pay for their fiery-death recall by offering incentives to Toyota customers if they buy a GM product.


Toyota had to halt the sales of eight vehicles — including the popular Toyota Camry and Corolla — and recall an additional 2.3 million because of a sticky accelerator pedal.

Unwilling to pass up an opportunity to kick Toyota while they're down, GM's marketing chief Susan Docherty told Bloomberg:

"At the end of the day, safe and high-quality transportation is a reasonable request from a customer. We want to be able to provide peace of mind to customers and all of our vehicles are safe."

Yeah, like GM buyers purchasing any Pontiac Vibes left in stock that use the same CTS-supplied accelerator pedal?

According to the Detroit Free Press, current Toyota lease holders will get up to $1,000 in lease payments to terminate a Toyota lease and get a GM product, those financing qualify for 0% interest rates for 60 months, and cash buyers qualify for up to $1,000 in down-payment assistance.


We're sure it won't be long before Howie Long is doing a commercial making fun of Toyota Camry owners.

"She's a living girl, a very living little girl."

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