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We kinda feel sorry for the General today, cause it feels like GM's working real hard at this whole "Delphi/UAW buyout talks" thing โ€” and even the Wall Street Journal's saying that the talks are going pretty well between the three parties. Today's Journal outlined a deal to offer thousands of Delphi workers lump-sum payments of $70,000 to $140,000 to leave the company and their health-care benefits behind. Additionally, GM's also close to offering Delphi worker-bee's in the five smaller unions an early-retirement package similar to the $35,000 packages offered to UAW workers back in March. The hope is that the tri-partate talks will deliver results sometime next week. In the meantime, the UAW is going on a quick little Vegas vacay for its annual national convo โ€” one can only guess what they'll be talking about especially cause they don't have anything yet to talk about. Although we'd love to see Wagoner and Miller parachute in dressed like Elvis for a three-person presser at the beginning of the week. Come on folks, we know it's campy, but it's Vegas โ€” that's how they roll.

Delphi Labor Talks Progress (subs. req.) [WSJ]

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