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According to the triumvirate of Bloomberg newsies — Jacqueline Simmons, John Lippert and Jeff Green — the man at the head of the wannabe-number-one is casting his net about looking for someone else to be a part of his team, and he's likely snared a big fish out in Dearborn, MI. That's right, now that family guy Bill is no longer as much on the scene, and the GM idea's not coming to pass, he's beginning to gaze longingly at the glass house. Just be careful Carlos, don't gaze too long, you might hurt your eyes from the glare. Yes, a FoMoCo-Renault-Nissan alliance may make a bit more sense, but come on, little big man — did ya actually think you could be the #1 auto man in the world just by willing it to be so? That's so J rgen Schrempp — or really, Napoleonic of you.

Ford, Ghosn May Talk as GM-Renault Fades, People Say (Update2) [Bloomberg News]

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