Get The Jalopnik Hurricane Relief T-Shirt From Blipshift Because It's For A Great Cause

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Missed the Jalopnik Hurricane Relief t-shirt from our friends at Blipshift? Now’s your chance again! The design is available again as part of their Black Flag Friday sale. It’s just $20 (plus $3.95 for shipping) and all profits go to our selected hurricane relief charities.

And once again, if you’re in the area this Sunday, come to the car show in Newark!

What: The Jalopnik Auto Show For Hurricane Relief. RSVP here.

Where: A big dang parking lot. The address is 246 Market Street, Newark, New Jersey 07102.


When: Sunday, Nov. 26, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. We’ll be there to move the cars into place. Get there early if you can, but we imagine cars will be coming in and out on a rolling basis.

Who: You! Bring whatever car or cars you want, whether it’s Jalop-tastic or just your boring daily. It doesn’t matter if you have a Morgan Three-Wheeler or a Honda Accord. Bring your friends. Bring your spouses. Bring your dogs.

All proceeds will be split three ways and donated directly to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, United For Puerto Rico and The Miami Foundation.

How Much: Just $10 a person to get in! RSVP here, or pay at the door. That’s $10 per person, not per car, by the way. And if you can’t make it but want to donate a ticket anyway, we’d be eternally thankful.

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The Artist Formerly Known As...

I wish I still lived in Jersey now (Middlesex Co., to be more precise.) Sure, I’d roll in with my boring-ass Ford Fusion, but I’d be there. Sigh.