If You Can't Come To Our Big Charity Car Show On Sunday, At Least Get A Blipshift Shirt

You there! If you live anywhere in the greater New York/New Jersey/East Coast/Western Hemisphere region, you should definitely come to the first-ever Jalopnik Auto Show in Newark this Sunday because we’re putting on a car show for hurricane relief. But if you can’t, our friends at Blipshift have you covered.

UPDATE: The event has been postponed due to storms.


First, the details on the event, once again:

When: Sunday, Oct. 29, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. We’ll be there to move the cars into place. Get there early if you can, but we imagine cars will be coming in and out on a rolling basis.

Where: A big dang parking lot. The address is 246 Market Street, Newark, New Jersey, 07102.

Who: You! Bring whatever car or cars you want. All proceeds will be split three ways and donated directly to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, United For Puerto Rico and The Miami Foundation.


How Much: Just $10 a person to get in! RSVP here, or pay at the door. That’s $10 per person, not per car. And if you can’t make it but want to donate a ticket anyway, you’ve done your good deed for the week or year or whatever.

Yes, tickets are still for sale.

We may see some rain on Sunday but the party happens no matter what. Bring an umbrella. And your money goes to good causes regardless.


Now! What you should do if you can’t make it—and even better, if you can—is get on over to Blipshift, because our pals there have a special t-shirt design that benefits our three charities.


The shirts are an extremely reasonable $20 plus shipping, and profits all go toward hurricane relief in Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida. It’s a good design, very wrenchy and patriotic. If you raise that up the flagpole, I’ll salute!


We’ll see you on Sunday! Bring your cars, bring your dogs, and bring your cash for a great cause.

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