Genesis Kills G70 Manual Because Only Dozens Of You Were Interested

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The Genesis G70 is as great as it needs to be, and also comes in a manual, but not enough of you bought that manual here in the States so now Genesis says that it’s going away.


Our friends at Road & Track have the scoop. Genesis says that fewer than one percent of new G70s sold were manuals.

In a statement provided to Road & Track, a Genesis spokesperson confirmed the manual G70 will be discontinued for the 2022 model year. The company says it sold around 100 examples for the 2020 model year (around 0.8 percent of G70 sales in 2019), and couldn’t justify continuing to offer the transmission as an option.

Manuals have been dying for years now, and while you can still get them on enthusiast cars, the G70 isn’t quite that, and with a take rate that low (not atypical) I’m kind of surprised that Genesis didn’t discontinue them sooner.

Further, if you want a manual G70 (you have company in this country of literally DOZENS of people), it may already be close to impossible to find one according to R&T, though I found two (2) in Genesis’s inventory search that was near me. Whether those cars actually exist or not is another matter, though soon G70 manuals will exist only in heaven.

Genesis sold 11,901 G70s last year, a decent return for its first full year selling the G70. That also made it Genesis’s highest-selling car, though I’m expecting the new GV80 to blow all of Genesis’s sedans out of the water. Which is fine, because the sedans were always only intended to give Hyundai a foothold into the luxury market as it started to take on established players like Acura, BMW, and Mercedes. Offering a manual, rear-wheel-drive G70 was also part of that, in that Genesis had to signal to enthusiasts that it knew what they wanted. Now that that part’s over it can focus instead on what the market wants.



It’s a textbook OE play. Offer the MT, but not in all trims or with all engines (and normally only with the shittier of the choices). No one buys it. Then shrug shoulders and say - well that take rate is terrible, that was dumb, we won’t do that again.

In unrealted new is it completely depressing that so few actually pursue the ‘standard’ transmission anymore. Everything I own is an MT and it’s not going to be long before a new car for me is basically an impossiblity.

It is worth remembering that that this isn’t competely consumers’ fault either. It is combination of the consumer, excessively complex and expensive regulation that forces every drivetrian combination to be treated like a brand new car and a dealership model that prioritizes buying 10 hunter green metallic, Eddie Bauer Edition Ford Explorers with tan leather interiors, becuase they sell a few days more quickly than anything else. It’s all so dumb.