Twitter has made it easier than ever to feel connected to your favorite drivers, 140 characters at a time. Unfortunately, many drivers' accounts are extensions of the same slick PR speak that we all know and mock. Enter @GenericRacer, your new favorite Twitter account.

Racing drivers' Twitter accounts tend to be a mix of polite statements about recent races, practice sessions, work-outs and sponsored events. It's like you've accidentally browsed into Mormon country: All niceties, all the time. Some accounts read like written evidence of "Top Gear's" assertion that racing drivers have nothing of value to say.


It's the same reason why we love to see anything unfiltered by public relations and marketing drones, be it Mark Webber flipping the bird in front of the RB9 or Kimi Räikkönen, well, being Kimi Räikkönen.

Someone has taken notice of this phenomenon and created the delightfully on-point and slightly unhinged Generic Racer account on Twitter. The bio says it all: "Zero personality. Next world champ, just ask my dad."

Tweets range from this-could-be-anyone-in-racing statements such as these:

@GenericRacer, like any good driver's account, also gives a glimpse behind the scenes of Generic Race Team:

No relation to the Generic Race Team—or is there?

If that was a typo, it's the most hilarious typo he could've made.

Our man's even dabbled in Jalopnik's new favorite racing series:

It may come as a surprise, but it appears our Ferrari-hooning gentleman driver has a bit of trouble with the ladieeeees:

Consequently, he's taken to posting the greatest pick-up lines I've read in the history of the Internet:

I'd say these are guaranteed to work on racer chasers anywhere, but I think mentions of actual racing would fly right over their heads. Poor Generic Racer.


Follow him here if you want to hear more tales of financial woe, self-promoting tweets from the gym and pick-up lines that only work on other drivers.