Gas Monkey Garage Is Doing A Cruise God Help Us All

Screencap via YouTube, oh my gosh this is a real thing.
Screencap via YouTube, oh my gosh this is a real thing.

Ever had a strange desire to get stuck on a floating metropolis with a television personality? Would you jump at the chance to meet Richard Rawlings, a rhinestone-studded Miller Lite can in human form? Well, have I found the cruise for you.

Fast N’ Loud star Richard Rawlings’s Gas Monkey Garage recently announced Cruisin’ With The Monkey, a cruise setting sail from Florida (where else?) on March 19-26, 2017.

If you don’t think of cruises as nightmare terror ships full of old people, here’s your chance to hobnob with your favorite automotive television personalities around the Caribbean. Not only will Rawlings be onboard the ship, but several others from the Gas Monkey Garage will join him as well as Gas Monkey Garage-sponsored Dodge Viper GT3 racer Ben Keating.


It’ll be just you and 2,000 other automotive television fanatics, per the website’s description of the route:

With a mere 2,000 fans, the motor mastermind will log miles throughout the Western Caribbean aboard Holland America’s luxurious m/s Nieuw Amsterdam and visit four of the hottest island destinations for full-throttle adventures, some downshifting on the world’s prettiest beaches, and, of course, a few cold Miller Lites.

Pretty beaches! Ocean water! Water beer! The change to catch some cruise-borne norovirus! Hooray!

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Just getting what publicity he can while a few people still want to pay attention to him. In DFW we have to put up with him in commercials for an AC/Plumber/Electrician business.