Gas Crunch Hurting Michigan State Police

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The guardians of the Wolverine State's highways and byways are being asked to cut their fuel consumption by 20%, due to rising gas prices. The fuel-saving edict was issued in the face of a $13.6-million deficit expected by the MSP this year. According to officials, they're cutting back routine patrols; at least one station has parked two of its cruisers, but authorities assure the public they're still responding to accidents and, we assume, reports of life-threatening mayhem on Michigan's roads.


Michigan State Police asked to cut gas use amid budget crunch [Grand Haven Tribune]

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my favorite car is a motorcycle

@peakay: peakay, you obviously don't live in Michigan! :-)

I wonder why inner city police aren't switching over to hybrid Ford Escapes. These are tough little wagons, with decent fuel economy, lots of room for police gear, and a roof rack on top ... perfect on which to lash the drug dealers and petty thieves they catch when not writing parking tickets...