With a top speed of 228 MPH, the G-Power Hurricane CS is laying claim to the title of world's fastest BMW coupe.


G-Power's newest tuned monstrosity, the BMW M6 Coupe-based Hurricane CS, appears ready to break records like its stablemate, the M5-based Hurricane RS. Whereas the Hurricane RS set a world record for the fastest sedan with a top speed of 228mph (367.4km/h), the Hurricane CS is eyeing the same speeds which would make it the fastest BMW coupe in the world.

In order to pull of this impressive feat, G-Power has dropped in their twin-supercharged BMW M V10 which is capable of developing 750-horsepower and 590lb-ft or torque in high revving fashion. G-Power installs its own belt-driven ASA T1-316 superchargers, tuned to increase the volume of air by up to 25% while running on separate cylinder banks. G-Power's math seems a bit off, but we'll roll with it. The engine was also tuned with Mahle forged pistons, effectively reducing compression, as well as higher tolerance rods and pins to help them handle the increase in performance.

Not content with just providing a performance package, G-Power has also produced this somewhat toonish widebody aero-kit painted in something we like to think of as 'smurf blue.' They've also included a fully adjustable suspension system, carbon-ceramic brakes and Michelin rubber-wrapped 21-inch wheels. You can pick up this non-recession proof G-Power Hurricane CS package for around $478,000 USD. [via G-Power]