Fun Fact: This Porsche Carrera GT Is Green

All photos credit: Porsche

A delightful fact about this Porsche Carrera GT is that it is painted green. In addition, the wheels are painted gold. In addition to being both green and gold, the wheels’ rims are silver.


The most impressive part of this car is not the 1970s-era Oak Green Metallic paint that was never offered directly for the CGT (here put in by Porsche Classic in a recent press release-worthy project), nor is it the gold wheels (meant to look like 1970s BBSs), nor is it that the wheels are coated silver not polished shiny. That requires some greater explanation, per Porsche:

[M]aterial experts from the Porsche R&D center Weissach advised that polishing the rim ring would structurally alter the material in such a way that it would potentially be dangerously weakened, so an alternative engineering process was required to create the desired metallic high-gloss effect rim.

None of this is what is most impressive.


That honor falls to the rear badging, which is gold to match the wheels. This is a style recognizable to anyone who has seen an early 1990s Infiniti, or bubble-eye Lexus, or the fellow Toyotas of the era that owners got gold-dipped badging to appear more luxury, particularly if they were in very 1990s-luxe forest green. At no point does Porsche call out to the 1990s, or Infiniti, or a GS of any kind. That is classy restraint, the kind we can trust to come from Porsche.


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