Fox Sports Really Shouldn't Be Trusted To Broadcast Motorsports, Ever

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Hey, guys, do you like watching motor racing? On TV? When the schedule says there's going to be motor racing? Too bad, there's college basketball or something else to show. Hey, this sounds familiar.

Fox Sports 2, the same network that cut to some no-name college football game right as things got interesting in the World Endurance Championship's 6 Hours of Circuit of the Americas last year, did the same thing to the Rolex 24 at Daytona coverage today.



Fortunately, has been broadcasting onboards with the IMSA Radio audio for the full length of the race, but Fox's cut away to something else (again) was a huge disappointment for fans hoping to watch the televised portions of the race, you know, on TV.


IMSA is also broadcasting their full video feed online now as well to make up for it.


Coverage returned after a short while, but seriously? Again?

Let me enumerate the ways in which deviating from the schedule blows goats:

  1. Fans of the motor race you're preempting are quite angry and may want to punch small children, strangle emus and/or set things on fire.
  2. Fans of the ball sports you're cutting to don't have a good heads-up that it's on TV and probably won't watch, either. They, too, may want to punch small children, strangle emus and/or set things on fire because they don't realize their game is actually on TV.

Motors TV can't show up in America soon enough.