WEC Race In Austin Becomes A Slidey Mess, Red Flagged For Rain

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Here's the thing about rain in Texas: it either happens for 10 minutes and stops, or it's a 100-year flood event. One or the other.

It seems that the latter is happening in Austin right now at the Lone Star Le Mans WEC race. The race has been red flagged for about the last half hour, and the cars are currently parked on the grid waiting for conditions to get better.


Earlier, all that rain made for a pretty nasty race, with about six cars sliding off at Turn 12. It was bad. There were no major crashes, thankfully, but I'm trying to find video of the mayhem.

As of this writing, the two Audi cars lead with Mike Conway's Number 7 Toyota in third.


You won't know this if you live in America, of course, because Fox Sports 2 dropped their broadcast to show college football. Bastards.

Update: And we're back racing behind the safety car, but it's still extremely wet out there.


Photo Credit: FIA WEC