Four Kids Break Into Houston Carmax, Crash $800,000 Worth of Vehicles in the Lot: Police

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In the ever-difficult decision of whether to spend an evening playing the legal version of bumper cars at a local arcade or heading to a dealership for the illegal one with real cars, local law enforcement said four kids in Houston went with the latter this weekend. It cost a bit more than some gaming tokens to do it.


Four underage boys broke into a Houston-area CarMax lot on Sunday and were caught on surveillance cameras, according to a Facebook page for a constable in Harris County, Texas, which includes Houston and some surrounding cities. The page belongs to constable Mark Herman, and his post said four suspects were arrested after breaking into the dealership, stealing some keys and crashing vehicles into other vehicles on the lot.

In all, the post on Herman’s Facebook page said, the suspects managed to crash into more than 20 vehicles and cause about $800,000 in damage. Photos from Herman’s post show Dodge Challenger Scat Pack with the front end ripped off, a Corvette Z06 with scrape lines all down the side and a busted rearview mirror, a Ford Mustang that looks like it came from a car meet, a Porsche Boxster with a nasty hit to the front end, and plenty of other cars that look like they all got into a fight with each other—with some faring better than others.


When deputies arrived, Herman’s post said, the suspects took off on foot but were later caught and arrested. The life-size game of bumper cars landed them in the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center on felony charges of criminal mischief in the first degree. Because the suspects were underage, their names weren’t released.

The whole thing doesn’t make much sense on the surface, since breaking into a dealership and getting arrested is a lot of trouble to go to when there’s no gain in it other than a few minutes of fun. But people have different views on life—some find value in money or fame, while others just want to crash nearly $1 million of cars into each other in a parking lot.

It’s all about preference, you know.