Four door Mercedes with a terrible Bugatti Veyron body kit isn't fooling anyone

Considering the Bugatti Veyron in Super Sport trim stickered for a whopping $2.4 million and a mere 30 were made, it's not surprising there are a whole lot of people in the world who want one but don't have one. Sometimes this unfulfilled desire can push people to do pretty crazy things, like dressing up your older full size Mercedes with a Veyron "body kit".


There is certainly no shame in not being able to afford the fastest car in the world. "Normal" Bugatti Veyrons sold new for nearly 2 million dollars—that is of course if you were lucky enough to be able to find one that hadn't been spoken for. Prices have dropped for used examples, but not much (we hear sometimes they go cheap at auction).

There is however quite a bit of shame in adding a terrible body kit to your innocent used Mercedes with the hopes of making it look like the distinctive Veyron. The result of such a bad decision, as spotted here on the streets of Bosnia, is pretty horrible, to say the least.



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