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Formula One At Suzuka Gets Red Flagged For Rain After 3 Laps

Illustration for article titled Formula One At Suzuka Gets Red Flagged For Rain After 3 Laps

It's so wet, Ericsson spun on the safety car lap. There were only 3 laps under a safety car before the race was red flagged for standing water on track. The restart (which was still under yellow) was just as mad. So, uh, what's your favorite ice cream?

Suzuka was given not one, but TWO opportunities to reschedule the race earlier to avoid the incoming storms. The hosts of the Japanese Grand Prix declined both times. The FIA has all but admitted that holding this race was a mistake, as 3 p.m. was supposed to be the worst of the rain for a while.


But no! Let's have a wet race.

Bonus crazy: The race restarted under the safety car after a short break, but Alonso's steering wheel went blank from an electrical issue, forcing his car to return to the pits.


Hamilton, too, is having issues with his communications systems, with the vaguest of vague-commands from his engineers to watch out for overheating issues. Whoops.

As of this writing, the race finally really started (as in, no more safety car) at Lap 10.
Visibility is terrible. You could barely see past the first two cars at the start/finish line once the green flag was out.

There was a rush to swap on intermediate tires, as the rain has let up a bit for a while and most teams were far faster on them than they are the full wets.

Surprise, surprise: few can catch the two Mercedes cars, who are running away from the rest of the field. Well, except the other Mercedes. Hamilton is slowly catching up to Rosberg.


Things are settling into a fairly standard albeit quite moist race. Everyone's aiming for the mandatory 75% lap count for the race to count.

Ricciardo just made a fantastic pass through the esses. Although prime ice cream time is postponed for now, Suzuka is as wet and crazy as we promised you it'd be.


Photo credit: Getty Images

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My thoughts are with Marussia right now, not sure what the situation is, but hopefully it isn't too bad. Though... race won't be resumed, it could be a bad accident.