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Former SF Tow Company Settles Fraud Suit

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City Tow, the company that handled San Francisco's towing contract until 2003, has seettled for 5.7 million dollars in a fraud case, without admission of wrongdoing. Frankly, we find SF's towing policy rather ridiculous, as we were charged out the wazoo to have our vehicle towed about three miles and stored for an hour or two after it was stolen in San Francisco a year ago. With all the revenue the city's generating from preying on the victims of crimes, one would think they could do something about the rampant auto theft/vandalism problem in the St. Francis' town, but apparently they're content to merely sue their former partners in crime. The barefoot friar from Assisi weeps, no doubt.


City Tow to settle 3-year-old fraud suit by paying $5.7 million [SF Gate]

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