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Ford has been saying its new electric crossover is “Mustang-inspired” since last year’s Detroit Auto Show. And with the official name, they really, really went there.

The battery-powered performance crossover will be called the Ford Mustang Mach-E, complete with the pony logo and everything. It’s not so much “Mustang-inspired” as it is an official, legit member of the Mustang family. Just one with a tall ride height, four doors and no internal combustion engine.


I’d make a “horse of a different color” joke here, but that’s too damn obvious and I haven’t had enough coffee yet anyway.

This car represents Ford’s first truly modern attempt at an EV, and an EV crossover. Announced in Detroit last year, it was initally tipped to be called the Mach 1. But after “a very strong reaction,” as Ford CEO Jim Hackett put it, that historic name was scrapped in favor of something new. Indeed, plenty of Angry Internet People balked at giving an EV people-mover the same name as a Mustang performance option that spanned decades.

But in calling it the Mustang Mach-E, and with the styling we’ve seen in the spy photos, Ford is pretty unapologetically leaning into the pony car’s image as it dives into the electric world. It’s certainly bold.


The car will be revealed in full this Sunday at an event in Los Angeles right before that city’s auto show. It will be streamed on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and China’s Autohome that evening, and afterward you’ll be able to reserve one with a $500 refundable deposit. 

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