Ford's 2013 Mustang Commercial Is Sort Of Creepy

Here's the first ad for the 2013 Ford Mustang unveiled moments ago on the company's YouTube page. The commercial feels like something we've seen before — only sort of creepy.

The commercial is like Fiat's 'Seduction' ad, only, instead of the upgraded Mustang transforming into a gorgeous model, the muscle car we're madly waiting for morphs into an endless Skittles-like stream of colorful variant editions of itself. Interesting to watch, sure, but not overwhelmingly so. Especially when overlaid with what I think is an Adam Levine soundtrack.


It's sort of hard to believe a little girl looks at a Ford Mustang and thinks to herself "OMG! That's the car! I'm totally going to the ball to meet my prince and he'll be driving a bad-ass Mustang GT500!"

Sure, maybe, but only if her idea of a prince is Kid Rock in a wife beater crushing a PBR on his forehead.

But it's the little girl's mind that's creepy. I don't want to see into her daydreams of eschewing a pink tutu for a peacock-feathered black dress. Especially one that looks like it's a costume from the Black Swan.


And check out the Ford Crown Vics throughout the ad. As one commenter has already noted, there's "nothing like framing your most iconic car with the other iconic car you recently killed off."

Don't get me wrong — the ad's not bad, but what I really want to see is Catrinel Menghia. I'm going to go re-watch the Fiat ad. Because I kind of think that's how you make horsepower sexy.


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