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Ford Says The 2021 F-150 Will Make The Most Torque Of Any F-150 Ever

Photo: Ford
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The 2021 F-150 represents the fourteenth-generation F-Series, which has been the best-selling American truck since the Carter administration. We’ve already seen all of it, but Ford today gave us some power numbers to go along with the photos.


The 2021 F-150 will, like the 2020 F-150, come in a ton of different configurations. The full hybrid version—called PowerBoost, because the power is boosted—will make 430 horsepower and 570 lb-ft of torque, the most ever for an F-150. In a different configuration, the new F-150 is also good enough to tow up 14,000 pounds and haul 3,325 pounds in the bed.

Since I can’t keep all of the configurations and horsepower and torque and towing capacity numbers and engines straight in my head here are two handy charts from Ford:

Illustration for article titled Ford Says The 2021 F-150 Will Make The Most Torque Of Any F-150 Ever
Photo: Ford
Photo: Ford

Ford is in an arms race to make the truckiest truck that ever trucked or something! I’m sure the new F-150 will certainly be a truck.

The more interesting question still lingering is the mpg numbers. You would think part of the point of a hybrid truck would be to rack up decent fuel mileage, except Green Car Reports says that probably isn’t the case:

As for the other important aspect relating to hybrid trucks—gas mileage—we’ll just have to see, as official ratings aren’t yet out. Ford revealed in June that the F-150 Hybrid is targeting an EPA-estimated range of about 700 miles for the PowerBoost Hybrid version. That would amount to about 23 mpg combined, considering the 30.6-gallon tank.

That likely won’t make it the most fuel-efficient model in the F-150 lineup. Among models in the outgoing F-150 generation, models with the 3.0-liter V-6 get 24 mpg combined, and some versions with the turbodiesel V-6 have earned 25 mpg combined—reaching 30 mpg highway.


I realize that gas mileage for F-150 buyers is probably about the last thing any of them are worried about especially in an era of cheap gas. That’s disappointing since making a more fuel-efficient F-150 would do more to move the climate change needle than almost any amount of Toyota Prius, given its sales. I guess I will shift my hopes to the electric F-150, though what Ford should really do is keep F-150 powertrains secret.

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On the 2.7L EB and 3.5L EB and PB engines, why is the torque peak at 3,000 rpm?

There are many 2.0T engines where the torque peak is 2,000 rpm or lower, including Ford’s own 2.0 EB. It seems counter-intuitive to have the torque peak occur later on a truck.