Ford Recalls 2 Million F-150s Over Seat Belt Fire Risk

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Ford announced today a recall of 2 million 2015 to 2018 Ford F-150 Regular Cab and Super Crew Cab trucks over seat belt pretensioners, which could spark when deployed and possibly lead to fire.


According to Reuters, the recall was issued after 17 reports of fire and smoke were reported in the U.S. and Canada concerning the driver and passenger seat belt pretensioners, which feature a small explosive mechanism that locks the seat belt in place in the event of a crash. Ford claims it’s unaware of any injuries or accidents as a direct result of the issue.

The recalled vehicles will have some wiring tape and insulation removed from the B-pillar area, where the pretensioners are located, and heat-risistant tape will be applied to the surrounding insulation and carpet, with unspecified changes to the interior panels in the back, according to Reuters.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said in a statement that it had received five complaints concerning the fire risk and had opened an investigation.

One complaint visible on the NHTSA website someone claimed to be the investigating officer of a crash involving an F-150, the truck’s “B-pillar started on fire, melting seat belt, most of B-pillar and parts of curtain and side airbags” after the vehicles involved in the collision were moved from the intersection. The complaint says the fire extinguished on its own and no one was injured.

The recall includes 1.62 million trucks in the U.S., 340,000 in Canada and 37,000 in Mexico.

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Seatbelt fire jokes aside, this may be a real issue: