Ford Fiesta RS Reports Are A Great Example Of Why You Can't Trust Anything Anywhere Ever

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Is an extra-tweaked performance RS variant of the Ford Fiesta, even hotter than the existing ST, coming soon? Hard to say. Too hard to say, really, but that’s not about to stop the Internet from talking about it.


This morning we heard that a possible “250 horsepower Ford Fiesta RS” was rumored to be coming for 2017 from Road & Track, which cited AutoBild and hat tipped MotorAuthority which also sourced AutoBild. According to Google Translate, AutoBild’s Jan Götze has inferred that a Fiesta RS would be in the pipeline since Ford Performance has announced they would be making 12 more sport-oriented variants in the near future.

Nothing wrong with a little speculation; it’s a fun thing to do when you obsess over an industry. Hell, there very may well be a 2017 Ford Fiesta RS. I would just encourage you to click through as many citation-links as you can, because the further a “report” gets from the source the more convoluted the rumors become.


So basically, watch out for a Facebook update from your uncle about the Confirmed Fiesta RS!

The translation I’m reading of Götze’s AutoBild article is assuredly lacking the flair of its original German, but the big points are intact. The author says “a Fiesta RS with 250 horsepower would be a great gift to fans of the automaker on the model’s 40th anniversary” and “forums are speculating about an all-wheel drive system.” No link to said forum though, and we all know how reliable forums are when it comes to accurate predictions of the future.

That’s not a “report of a 2017 Fiesta RS;” it’s an inference. A report is when somebody presents has evidence of something but maybe it’s not 100 percent confirmed. Like when a trusted friend told me he saw a Ford F-150 with a diesel engine the other day.


Remember, take most things that happen in the car world with a grain of salt (or a big gulp of it) until you can buy one yourself. That said, a Fiesta RS would be sweet. Ford, bring it!


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Martin Grossinger

Wow, what a huge news day. Some kid I went to high school with confirmed on Facebook this morning that the El Camino is coming back, too.