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The most likely cause of the recent Anteres rocket catastrophe was the failure of its ancient Russian engines. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Zil also has an old Russian engine. It's armored however, so you'll be safe, but is its price still a disaster?

Man, no love for yesterday's 1978 LUV even though it was once owned by motorsport legend Smokey Yunick. That fact didn't matter to the 68% of you who voted its price down in a Crack Pipe loss. Maybe if it had been a nine-tenths scale LUV things would have been different.

There's an old joke about how Boris Yeltsin, near the end of his tenure as Russian president, is having some fun-time with his mistress. He's distracted by his inability to pick a successor for his post which makes his mistress increasingly frustrated and annoyingly sober. He's laying on top of her but can't seem to do anything other than mumble "Who should I pick? Who should I pick?" She's not able to take it anymore and finally yells at him "Oh for love of potato, PUT-IN, PUT-IN!" The rest, as they say, is history.

Vladimir Putin - wrestler of bears, shunner of shirts, human anvil of the common people - apparently never rode in today's 1989 Zil 41052 armored presidential limo, but supposedly Yeltsin did, so its new owner may want to have the interior detailed.


I know what you're thinking- how the eff does an armored Russian armored presidential limo come on the market, and why hasn't the Russian Mafia snapped this bullet-proof beauty up? Well, it's a new Russia and I'm guessing that they need to sell off some of their old shit in order to be able to afford new stuff like, oh I don't know, the Crimea.

Whatever the reason, this Zil is said to be one of 22 built, with only 10 remaining in existence. You know what I'm curious about? What happened to those other 12? Knowing Russia they're being airbrushed out of any official pictures and the FSS (formerly KGB) is presently altering production records to say that only 10 were built. Is great country, no?


This one is said to sport 8-10 mm body armor and bullet-proof glass. As you would imagine being a limo - a real one b definition as the length is behind the rear door - its freakin' long, 249-inches so. It's also heavier than hell at a claimed 5,500 kg, or about 12,125-lbs for all us capitalist pigs.

If you're going to move something of that size then you'll need a commensurately large mill, and in this case that's a 7.7-litre, 311-horse V8. Top speed is said to be 190 km/hr and 100km/hr is available in 13 seconds, you know, for when you've got an impatient mistress waiting.


The ad says that the car is in museum condition, and it looks pretty good as well as both wholly Russian and completely decadent. I'd wager that's exactly what you would expect of a Russian leader's ride. It's also quite costly, coming in at an asked $990,000. Yes, that's ten grand shy of one million dollars.

What's your take on this rare Russian and its $990,000 price tag? Is that something that a museum or Eastern European legitimate businessman ought to pay for something so unique and ostentatious? Or, is this a Zil priced so its chances of selling are nil?


You decide!

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