For $9,995, You Could Call This 1989 Dolphin M900 Home

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Let's check off the features of today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Toyota-based RV: V6 engine; 5-speed stick; sleeping accommodations for 4; and, most importantly of all, a private place to take a dump. Let's see if the finishing touch for this home away from home is its price.

The siren call of a claimed 700 horsepower from yesterday's 2001 Porsche 911 was apparently too hard to ignore at its offered price. Buuyyyy meee, it called, Buuuyyy meee! That lured enough to result in a 59% Nice Price win for the Gulf-advertising beast, and many more to become dashed on the rocks off of Florida's coast, where the car was advertised. We'll leave them to that because we've places to go, and potentially a place to poop once we get there.

First off, I'd like to apologize for the dealer signage all over the pics for today's 1989 Dolphin M900 RV. That's how they like to show off their wares, and there's nothing much I could do about it. As you are well aware, we're not here to advertise for anybody, but sometimes even dealers have stuff that's too cool not to party with, and I think this is one of those rare occasions.


It's almost Spring. We've already set the clocks ahead, and the bears are starting to wake from their long winter hibernation, making scrounging the neighbors trash cans all the more competitive. Stupid bears. It's also the time of year when people start feeling that wanderlust to head out on the road, write beat poetry, and discover that KOA stands for Kampgrounds of America, and not Kardashian's Omnipotent Ass. Still, all hail the ass.

This '89 M900 is a C-class RV, and is based off of a V6-powered Toyota 1-ton dually chassis. That makes it almost garageable, which I guess is like about as good as being almost attractive. Still, it does offer pretty much all the comforts of home, in a package small enough that it won't make you constantly feel like you're driving Ratso Rizzo to Florida.


In fact, with its 150-bhp V6 and five-speed manual gearbox, this RV might even be kind of fun to drive, especially if you dig the challenge of cross winds. The truck also sports a dually back axle to support the weight of your pots and pans and the coziest bathroom this side of a 737/300.


Not only is there a commode and a shower at the back of this rig, but it also has one of those lenticular lenses on the back window so people behind you can watch you do your business as though through a fish-eye lens. Hilarity will no doubt ensue.


Included as well are a full kitchenette, dining area, and cab-over sleeper. In fact. it's amazing how much is crammed into this little RV. The ad notes that the carpet and upholstery are both recent refreshes, and overall the rig looks to be in exceptionally nice shape. Also, it's an '80s Toyota which is equatable to Haley Joel Osment's character in AI for longevity and wanting to be a real boy.

The dealer doesn't mention mileage, or for that matter, any other description of condition outside of saying that the rig is 'cute.' Regardless, it's rare to come across one of these little Dolphins. The company that built them, National RV Inc of Perris California, went out of business in 2008, a victim of the crap economy at the time.


Long before that happened however they built this sort of sporty little RV, which has outlived its parent (cue Nelson saying Ha Ha). The asking price today is $9,995, which seems to me to be a deal since you're getting both a home and transportation. Of course it's not my opinion that matters and now I want your opinion on whether you think this Dolphin is worth that $9,995.


What do you think, is that a good deal for this cool little RV, or does that price make your lust wander elsewhere?

You decide!


Bretz RV & Marine out of Boise Idaho, or go here if the ad disappears.

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