For $9,650, Go Postal

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Benjamin Franklin was our nation’s first Postmaster General, and the Postal Service is the rare government agency actually authorized by the Constitution. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe custom Postal Jeep is also a rarity, but does its price require too many Benjamins?

I wonder at what point two grand became the threshold for why-the-eff-not car purchases? I mean, for me at least, that’s still a lot of dough. According to 80% of you, yesterday’s BRE’d 1980 Datsun 210 was also a lot of car, at least for that much bread.


But lets say you had a little more to spend. And similarly you wanted something that was far more - how shall we say - quintessentially American. In that case, perhaps your tastes would lean toward today’s 1972 Postal Jeep Rat Rod, which combines a pair of uniquely American taste treats into one.

At a party a DJ delivers the tuneage. The Jeep DJ on the other hand delivers mail, or at least they did until they were replaced by more modern - and far less interesting - postal vehicles. The decommissioning of the Postal Service Jeeps has led to there being a bunch of the right-hand drive sliding door DJs on the market over the years. What to do. . . what to do.

Of course if your immediate answer to that quandary is drop it on a Chevy S10 frame, give it a 350 V8 for power, and make it look like the patina patrol has pissed all over it, give yourself a gold star.


The DJ Jeep was a two-wheel drive edition of the CJ, and served the Postal service for decades. They came with a number of different engines over the years, from the stout AMC six to the lout GM Iron Puke, but none of those were really suitable for putting any real power to the pavement.


The SBC here likely remedies that, and the rural mail box on the hood, which seems to serve as a hood scoop, is a nice way to go all in on the theme. Seriously, this bad boy is totally postal apocalyptic.

Postal Jeeps normally had just a single seat, a vinyl toadstool of limited support and comfort that was apparently designed to keep the carriers on their feet as much as possible without complaint. This one's a lot less of a penalty box inside with pair of real chairs, resplendent in grey mouse fur and looking like they came out of a Grand Am or something.


Between those is a Hurst shifter for the auto box and for convenience's sake and owing to the S-10 underneath, the steering column now pokes through on the left side instead of the right. Another happy-happy, joy-joy on the inside is the floor which has been carpet bombed in banged up license plates.


One of the issues with the DJ as a postal vehicle was its relatively small size and hence carrying capacity. Considering the Postal Service's vow to get the mail through at almost any cost, you'd of course want to load up as much as possible on each and every run. This one adds to the space by dropping an old-school pickup bed box in the back just above the rear axle.

The whole thing has been dropped and while it lacks certain conveniences such as A/C or power windows, it does have power steering and brakes so driving shouldn't be a total chore. Plus, sliding doors!


There's not much in the way of description in the ad, the seller obviously deciding to let the pictures do the talking. It does offer up an asking price however, which is $9,650, bulk rate. What do you think of this DJ for that much hay? Does that price make this custom truck a special delivery? Or, for that much will you leave no forwarding address?


You decide!


Raleigh Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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