For $8,500, This 1997 Acura Integra GS-R Is Blowin' In The Wind

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

How much horsepower is too much for a FWD car? The ad for today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Integra claims it puts 424 horses through the front tires. If true, that’s a lot of ponies, and you’ll need to decide if its selling price is a lot as well.

I just realized - no seriously, right now - that yesterday’s 1990 Audi 90 with its custom engine instal is a ’90 90 with a 90° V8. The planets have aligned my friends! They even lined up for that Audi’s seller as his pocket change price gained the favor of 83% (so close!) of you, earning it a Nice Price win.


That Audi may have had its 90s in order, and coming right after a Saab 900 - Oh My Gawd, more nines and zeros! - it just felt right. Today let’s see how you feel about an Integra with a whole bunch of other numbers.

Here’s a 1997 Integra GS-R that’s had…well, things done to it. The GS in the name stands for Grand Sport while the R is intended to mean Racing. Now, that didn’t mean these were turn-key racers, after all they lacked proper harnesses, a roll cage, or fire suppression system. They did however have a 170-bhp B18C1, a slinky 5-speed stick, and independent suspension at each corner for capable handling. All in all, they were an excellent foundation for all your go-fast dreams.


This car has been built on that foundation. First off, look at that engine, just look at it! To the base B18 the most obvious upgrade is a Precision 6076E turbo, fed by a ram’s horn header. That damn thing looks like a face hugger from Alien, and who doesn’t love the face hugger from Alien? They’re just such cute little buggers.

The rest of the mill is claimed to have been built up so as to be able to live in a now turbocharged future, and the overall presentation is a beautiful thing to behold. Hell, you could probably make back the purchase price just by selling admission for people to peek under the hood.


The ad says the 5-speed has been likewise beefed up, and shows pics of the pre-installed parts as evidence. As you might expect, the suspension (coilovers, traction bars, etc) and brakes (drilled rotors, Wilwood master and whatnot) have been appropriately messed with as well.


Visually, well, it’s grey and has a big intercooler in its mouth, making it look like one of those Chevron commercial cars. The ad says that more pics are available, including some of the paint job, which is supposedly less than three months old.

Oresently the only interior shot is one with the seats removed. I know we always rail at sellers for not cleaning out their cars before taking pics for the ad, but this is going a little too far. Still, the carpet looks great and you’ll be relieved to see that, yes, there are A-pillar gauges.


What does all this mean? Well, as noted, the seller claims 424 horsepower at the wheels. That’s an awesome number if those wheels were in the back, and even then it’s going to get you into trouble if you’re not careful. Up front, I can imagine that the car is definitely going to consistently color outside the lines.


Hey, but that’s fun too, and if someone’s looking for a wild beast to tame, then this is as good an opportunity as any, and at least it looks well sorted. The price tag is $8,500, and it’s now your job - excuse me, your unpaid internship - to weigh in on whether that’s a deal or not. What do you say, is this built and boosted Integra worth $8,500? Or, is this Acura’s price an inaccurate reflection on its value?

You decide!


Eastern North Carolina Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to John John for the hookup!

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