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For $8,500, Giddyup

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Nice Price Or No DiceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The Mustang is a horse of the American Southwest, where also there exist Rancheros who might ride said Mustangs. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe contender is a Mustchero, and as American as apple pie, but does its price make it a must-have-o?


Do you remember the Six Million Dollar Man? In that show, a former astronaut/test pilot humpty-dumptys in a space plane, but unlike the egg of rhyme, he is put back together again with all kinds of cool, not off the shelf parts. The Bionic Man ended up using his new found super powers serving his country as a Cold War secret agent. Unfortunately for those urging for a resurgence in the other side of the cold war, yesterday's rusting hulk of a 1987 Škoda 120 GLS was viewed as beyond rebuilding to a narrow 59% of you, even at $5,999.550 less than the cost of un-jacking up Steve Austin.


As much as yesterday's Czech may have represented why the Soviet Bloc failed, today's candidate revels in all the things that make the west's success great. This ice blue 1965 Mustang first and foremost represents America at its most iconic. Considering that it's not only the most American of cars from one of the most American of companies and also is a pickup, driving this would imbue in you so much American pride it would cause al Qaeda members to spontaneously combust at the mere sight. If the question were asked, how much more American could this custom car be? The answer would be none, none more American.

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Not only is this pony now a pickup but the conversion to Ranchero duty seems to have been carried out with the finest of American craftsmanship. The hardtop roof has been brought forward and even the door glass has been reshaped to fit the now close coupled roofline. In back, the bed is fully finished and sided by a pair of chrome gunwall rails to spruce things up. Doing that duty up front are grille-mounted driving lights and chrome caps on the side gills next to each light. Just like America, it's elegant and yet tastefully restrained. Even the lack of a proper dropping tailgate reflects on this nation's greatness because real Americans don't mind going the extra mile.

And you'll be able to go quite a few extra miles in this ‘Stang as it sports Ford's remarkable 200-CID straight six. Much like other legendary Americans - Paul Bunyan, the Terminator, and that guy from the TV commercials that wears the suit with all the question marks on it - the seven main six is nearly impossible to kill. And the ad claims it's good for 27 MPG. You remember MPG, right?

Illustration for article titled For $8,500, Giddyup

Behind the all-American six is Ford's equally time-tested 3-speed auto box, the Cruise-O-Matic. Man, if you're not waving a tiny stars and stripes right now, you might want to check and see if you're still able to fog a mirror. If you are, then consider that this custom Mustang is claimed to have not yet even turned six figures on its clock. Damn, just like America, there's still plenty of life left in it. Plus, Pick up!


Okay, so it's totally amazing and patriotic in a jingoistic way that is traditionally only achieved by F35s firing American flags through the hearts of terrorists, while trailing red white and blue ceremonial smoke, and piloted by guys nicknamed Hero and Rebel, but is it worth $8,500 of American cash?

You decide!


Charlotte's Web or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to whitetrashsteve for the hookup!

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Rob Emslie

Okay, here's another related question - has the '64.5-'66 Mustang reached a level of collectability that ensures any kind of major, irreversible modification like this would diminish its value?