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Chrysler’s Cordoba is most famously remembered for its spokesman, Star Trek’s vengeance-seeking Khan. Or perhaps it was Fantasy Island’s Mr. Roarke? Whatever the case, today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Cordoba probably wants to just be remembered for not being over priced.

With a 58% Nice Price win, yesterday’s weird VW diesel-powered Dodge Caravan proved a little Mopar in the morning never hurt anybody. Oh and thanks to everyone who pointed out that VW did offer - for an eye blink at least - a diesel in their van, with the 48-horse 1982 edition. This morning, let’s keep the Mopar madness going strong and see how you like some Cordoba with your corn flakes.

The Cordoba first entered the luxury coupe ring back in 1975, sparring with the likes of Chevy‚Äôs Monte Carlo and the Blue Oval Boys‚Äô T-bird. That B-body based two door offered much of what you might expect of a ‚Äė70s land yacht - ponderous handling, floaty ride, and the typical for the day outside/inside dimension ratio that makes cars of this era seem like the anti-Tardis.

By the time of the second generation’s debut in 1980, the fuel crunch had occurred and it had also occurred to American car makers that maybe they needed to make their cars a little smaller and more efficient.


This 1980 Cordoba represents the result of that thinking on the part of Chrysler. Now based on the J-body platform, originally designed for the lamented Volare/Aspen twins, it shaved half a foot off the older car’s length and almost as much in width. The angular lines also proved to be far less. . . how shall we say, Rubenesque?

The smaller Cordoba met with the approval of spokesman and fine Corinthian leather aficionado, Ricardo Montalbán, who claimed in the ads, I like what they’ve done to my car.


You might like what has been done to this 59,000-mile Cordoba, as it has been set up old-school. Most prominently, that includes a massive scoop - or JEGS billboard, however you see it - adorning the hood. Beneath that is a built 340 topped with a massive Carter 4BBL. There are plenty of other names to drop under the hood and suffice to say it all looks quite tasty in there.

Outside, there‚Äôs new paint in glorious ‚Äė70s metallic brown, along with a matching quarter landau roof. Cragar mags wrapped in meaty BFGs ring bling the wheel wells, while additional brightwork adorns the rockers, window trims, and each bumper. Of note, even the bumper snoods on this Cordoba have retained their composure, shocking for a car of this age.


Inside, the car comes with the leather seats Montalbán was always blathering on about, and there’s plenty of fake wood to go along with it. Tiny buttons and levers evidence OEM radio and HVAC units in the gauge-heavy dashboard, while additional dials sit in a panel under it ready to slice a knee cap off if you're not careful. It should also be noted that, as evidenced by the parking brake lever, the current owner is obviously a fan of the pine tree air freshener. That or he's a sufferer of extreme stink foot.

Be that as it may, you now need to determine if this Cordoba’s $8,500 price tag is equally fusty. What do you think, is that a fair price for what’s claimed to be an award winning Chrysler coupe? Or, is $8,500 a price that would even make Montalbán move on?


You decide!

Minneapolis Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Adam Mehl for the hookup!

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