For $8,000, Mmmmm, Coupe.

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The Surf Punks famously derided wave riding interlopers in their song Locals Only. The seller of today's Fort Collins, CO-located Nice Price or Crack Pipe M Coupe exhibits a similar territorial limitation.

The singer of Jeepster, Marc Bolan's death was due to a car wreck rather than the rock star typical drug overdose. Likewise, the seller of yesterday's '68 Jeepster with a V6 also dodged the pipe in a 77% Nice Price win. Not only that, but many of you thought the freshly painted four by four was full of win, dragging out pics of your own personal Jeepsterations in solidarity.


After Kaiser became AMC, they punted the Dauntless V6 back over to the boys at Buick, replacing it in the final iteration of the Commando with the 3.8 and 4.2 straight sixes we all know and love. There's another company that's known for making some lovely straight sixes, and one of those powers today's xenophobe's ski boot.

There are lots of jokes about what BMW stands for – Borrows My Wallet, Brings me Women, etc, but of course it actually stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, in honor of its Bavarian home. Despite that regional honorific, they also slap roundels onto the cars that roll out of the Bimmer factory in Spartanburg South Carolina, the first of which having been the Z3 roadster. Initially 4-cylinder only, and seemingly more poseur than gap closer, the Z3 still had its fans- although a lot of them were hairdressers. The addition of two more cylinders did address the Z3's lethargy to a certain extent, but the M package was what finally allowed the Z to grow a huge pair of hairy balls, as well as a set of quad tail pipes to keep them warm.


Another derivation of the Z featured the awkward grafting of a shooting break like hard top and hatch onto the car, creating the M coupe. That roof gained it two and a half times the roadster's torsional rigidity, as well as jeers that it looked like something an old woman with lots of kids might live in. Whatever the reason, some people really like to let their freak flags fly, and the M coupe has become kind of a cult car. Today's 2000 M Coupe in Imola Red could let you drink the cult Kool-Aid, although you may need to be a Coloradoan to do so as the seller explicitly states in the ad locals ONLY.


Let's say you pass the neighbor test and get a chance to get up close and personal with this 87,000 mile M Coupe, the first thing you might notice are the huge paint chips and resulting rust in the driver's door, as well as a big-ass dent in the wheel arch. Uh-oh, that's a paddlin'.


Pop open Rusty McDoor and you're greeted by a dominatrix's boudoir of a two tone interior. The double your pleasure hues are standard fare for the M, but red and black may not have been the best color choice for long term appreciation. Despite that, the insides don't seem too beat up, and the coupe has a lot more room in there for your crap than does the drop top. The two-tone theme is continued outside where black 17" roadstars contrast with the Imola red paint. . . what there is of it.


Powering the M is the 3.2-litre S52B32 six from the E36 M3. Here it produces 240-bhp, and is gay for Hans Moleman the revs. The 315-bhp S54 six made its debut under the M's hood in 2001, and while more is usually better, the Z platform's relatively unsophisticated suspension (a semi-trailing arm rear adapted from the E30) might make some of that extra poop unusable. Very usable is the ZF five-speed that was the only tranny offered in the M, although no mention is made here in the ad as to the condition of this one.

In fact, other than mileage and that it's priced to sell there's not a lot of info in the ad, although the photobucket spread gives you a pretty good look at the car including its unfortunate outbreak of door herpes. Still, maybe all the locals know the car well enough that the seller can be so brief in his description.


The only other thing he does mention is the price, which for Ft Collins residents happens to be $8,000. I guess the rest of us can just go pound sand as far as he's concerned. What's your thought on that price, is it worth moving to Colorado for? Or, is that, and the scabalicious door, enough to make you think it's for locos only?

You decide!


Ft. Collins Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

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