Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Considering that cool cars like today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Jag custom shooting brake come from there, I’d have to say that the UK is A-OK in my book. Even if it’s not your national currency, you’ll still have to decide if it’s weighted down by its price in Pounds.

The seller’s pricing acumen on yesterday’s 1975 Mazda was REPU-diated by its 62% Crack Pipe loss. Most of you felt that it was a cool ride, and one that was in nice shape, just not cool or nice enough to warrant spending twenty-large for the honor of owning it.


Okay, if that truck’s price made you a little dizzy, then you better sit down, because today’s candidate is even more expensive and it comes priced… in Pounds. Now, for most Americans - because we’re pretty much a lumpen bunch - pounds are what you put on after a holiday meal, or where you go and pick up a new dog after yours ran off. Amazingly, there’s usually one there that looks just like your old one and answers to the same name.


In Great Britain however, the Pound Sterling is the coin of the realm, and you don’t get much more British than this 1983 Lynx Eventer shooting brake. I mean, just look at that name, which very obviously comes from a place where they eat something called Spotted Dick and watch something called Downton Abbey. My god, Downton Abbey!

Lynx has a history of making new versions of classic Jags out of… well, other classic Jags. Their D-types and XKSS cars required the cannibalization of later XKEs, which as we know now are getting pretty dear on their own.


With the Eventer they went a different route, modifying an existing car, but keeping its essence intact. This sapphire blue over magnolia longroof is supposedly number 20 out of the 67 cars converted over the years by the British restoration and recreation firm.

It’s notable for being a pre-facelift car, in my opinion the more attractive edition, and offering both the smooth-as-silk-across-a-baby’s-butt-sliding-on-Palomar’s-mirror 5.3-litre V12 and a 5-speed manual to put that engine’s 295 horsepower to good use.


The XKE was a hard act to follow and Jaguar took the easy path by making the XJS a grand touring coupe rather than an out and out sports car. Admittedly the last XKEs were a ways down that path as well.

The styling of the XJS will never be considered anything near as beautiful as the E, but the work Lynx undertook to create a shooting brake edition enhances the car’s appeal, both visually and for its utility. I mean, this thing would be all over hauling bags of manure back from the Home Depot.

Not only that but the work - both the body and the full leather and wood and fancy carpet interior - looks to be first-rate. Oh sure the back bumper is crooked, but this is basically a Jag after all, and there’s always something wonky on a Jag. The car has 104,000 Imperial miles on the clock, and pretty much power everything. It is of course RHD as it’s a UK car being offered, yep, in the UK.


That means we now need to circle back to the question of price and pounds. The asking price for this extremely clean seeming custom is £69,990 which works out to about $108,000 due to some voodoo called “the exchange rate.” Whatever the cause of it, that’s a lot of dough, enough to keep James May in pasties for a full two years or more.

The question of course: is it worth it? Before you answer, you might want to check out this lesser-kitted Eventer which is waaaaay less. Got that? Good, now what’s your take on this one for way more? Does that have you saying here kitty, kitty? Or, is this a Lynx with a price that stinks?


You decide!

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