Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

The seller of today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe 190e says he's the second owner, and that no expense was spared in the car's rebirth as an AMG-looking badass. It will have to be seen if the result is with expending what he's asking to be number three.

Ain't life Grand? Well, it certainly is for the seller of yesterday's Richard Petty Edition 1992 Grand Prix after he won a respectable 71% Nice Price win for his pricing acumen and astute choice of car to sell. Let's see if today's contender proves equally as fortuitous.

When Mercedes first introduced their new smaller car, the W201, or 190 series to the motoring world, L.J.K. Setright spent half a column in CAR magazine marveling over the elegance of its origami-like boot shape. He spent the other half in incredulity over its new 5-link rear suspension, as it seemed to defy physics in its range of motion. Maybe it was two separate columns, but regardless, the 190e, especially in 2.6-litre six cylinder form, was one of Setright's all-time favorite cars.


I wonder, were he alive today, what the English wordsmith would have to say about this white over black customized 1989 190e 2.6? Probably about twenty-five hundred words that are at once elegant, erudite and smattered with quotes from the Latin. I can't hold a candle to Setright's prose, but I'll strive to do my best.

The ad for this little Benz claims that the seller is the 2nd owner. I can't tell however if he or that previous owner undertook the extensive refresh that has resulted in its present condition. The car is presently advertised in Akron Ohio, but several of the pics show it touring New York City. That's no big deal because after all, who wouldn't want to try and make it in the Big Apple? It still makes me wonder the age of the work in the other pics though.


That work is a full respray in what's said to be Mercedes White and the addition of a 'one-of-a-kind' AMG body kit, whatever that is. It all looks super '80s custom, although it should be noted that the gorgeous gold BBS baskets shown in most of the pics are a $2,500 extra. without paying that, it comes with a set of Benz alloys.

The interior looks appreciably clean and has been treated to some carbon fiber trim on the dash and door panels. The rest seems pretty stock although the typically humongous Mercedes wheel has been traded for a smaller MOMO three-spoke unit.


Mechanically, the car's 2.6-litre, 160-bhp M103 has been treated to a spate of new consumables, although the engine itself has the same 105K on it as does the rest of the car. This is an automatic - the 4-speed 722 box being the standard bearer for the model. Yes a Cosworth with a dog-leg row-yet-own would be nice, but that's not what the gods have given us here.

What we have is a six cylinder 190e that's been shown some love by someone who - like Setright -obviously really likes this model. What we need to determine is whether or not this Benz's price can garner an equal amount of love. The ad is asking $6,500 for this refreshed car, or $9,000 with its fancy pants wheels.


What do you think about this cool old Benz - according to L.J.K. one of the last of the REAL cool old Benzes - and its price? Is $6,500 a fair deal? Or, would that make you do a 180 on this 190?

You decide!


Akron OH Craigslist, or go here if the car disappears.

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