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The Spanish city of Granada is located within the autonomous community of Andalusia, an area for which the Andalusian, or Pura Raza Española, Horse is also named. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Ford Granada looks like it might pack some horses, but is its price too much to pony up?

Signed on November 11th, 1919, the treaty of Versailles ended hostilities between Germany and the good guys. It's a good thing yesterday's custom Lincoln Versailles Coupe Royale wasn't around then as it could potentially have been the instigation of further aggression, so vitriolic was the response to it, and lopsided was its 88% Crack Pipe vote.

As everybody knows, the Versailles - even custom coupe editions - were nothing more than tarted up Ford Granada/Mercury Monarchs. That being said, the Lincoln did have the edge on their progenitors in sporting four-wheel disc brakes and things like automatic climate control and halogen headlamps. Today's 1977 Granada coupe may not rock those, but it makes up for that with an extra pedal under the dash, and a 4-speed stick sprouting from its ‘70s center console.


This car may have provided the basis for yesterday's pimpbomination, but aside from the dash design and both rocking a 302, they couldn't be more far apart if they were the actual Palace of Versailles and city of Granada - which are 1,690 kilometers distant, as the Euro flutters. Granada, the city, is home to the Alhambra, an ornate Moorish palace built in the 14th Century. A famous dish of Spain is Moros y Cristianos, black beans and rice, and fittingly this numbers-matching Ford is black over tan. The seller claims that the car is in such good physical shape as to need little to be a show car, although you might wonder just what kind of car show would fete a malaise era blue oval midsizer.

From the factory the 302 produced an anemic 133-bhp in 1977, however that was due to its constraints from making socially unacceptable volumes of pollutants. Much like Mike Tyson's current restraint from killing people with his fists, the Ford V8 has the potential to do so much more. No mention is made in the ad as to any changes made to the engine here, but the photo does indicate what looks to be a 4bbl carb under a aftermarket air cleaner. That, plus a number of chrome accents means this may be a more potent pushrodder than when it originally left home, after all - chrome accents!


And then there's that 4-speed stick. When was the last time you saw one of those in a Granada? Based on the platform that originally birthed the Falcon, the Granada maintained an old-school mix of double A-arm front suspension and a live axle out back. Front disc and rear drum brakes down-marketed it from the Versailles and its discs all a round. Overall, this isn't going to do much in the curves other than make the front tires moan as it titty twists their sidewalls.

They'll at least look good while doing so as this Granada sports rallye rims and raised white letters, and they fill the flared wheel arches fully. The seller doesn't say how many miles have passed under those wheels and tires, but does say that a few of them at least have been sweaty as the ancient A/C unit needs a recharge of that most precious of all gasses: unicorn farts freon. the sticky vinyl bucket seats and thinner than a Hummer owner's pee-pee plastic steering wheel also conspire to make this Granada's tactile sensations as groady as possible, but then that's why Pep Boys invented seat covers and Grant GT replacement wheels.


Presently in Alabama, and claimed a one-owner car (or at least title), this sith Ford doesn't put the odd on Granada like yesterday's Versailles coupe, and perhaps because of its more mundane presentation, the price is also less of a crazy train - $6,500. What's your take on this 4-speed ‘70s coupe? Is its price muy bueno? Or, is that $6,500 a Spain in the ass?

You decide!


Nashville Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

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