For $6,000, Would You Say Ka-Chow To This 1993 Geo Metro Cars Homage Business Opportunity?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

It’s never made clear in Pixar’s Cars universe just what model Lightning McQueen might be, so it’s quite possible today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Geo is an accurate copy. This one also sells ice cream, so we’ll need to see if its price gives you a brain freeze.

Much of the discussion over yesterday’s $3,750 1996 BMW 318ti M-Sport centered on its having a mere 138 horsepower. Was that too little? Was that adequate for ponies in such short supply? In the end a Goldilocksian solution was attained, and that modestly imbued Bimmer came away with a more than substantial 78 percent Nice Price win. Props as well to the seller for keeping the car so clean and presenting it so well in his ad.


Pixar Animation Studios, the beloved Emeryville, California-based film company, has, over the years made computer animated fare that generally falls into two categories: “phenomenal” and “meh, that was pretty good.”

It’s safe to say that their automotive opus “Cars” falls in that latter league. Despite that, or perhaps because of an amazingly robust marketing and a seemingly never-ceasing merchandizing campaign, Cars has risen above its inherent mediocrity. It has begat a pair of equally mundane sequels, and as we see today, an entrepreneurial business opportunity.

What we have here is a 1993 Geo Metro convertible that has been dressed to the 95s to emulate the hero of the Cars’ universe, Lightning McQueen. Running in tandem with that is a small trailer with an ice chest and therein lies the key to your future economic independence.


The seller claims that the car and trailer combo brings in anywhere from $1,500 to $2000 a month just from selling ice cream on the weekends at parks and community events. The car draws the kids in, the trailer sends them away both poorer and fatter, but more importantly, happier.


The car is claimed to be “super clean inside and out” and to “run great.” The paint, top and trim all look to be in fine shape.

If you considered yesterday’s 138-horse BMW to be underpowered then I hate to think what you will make of this Geo’s 997 cc three-cylinder and its 55 horsepower. It also gives you 58 ft-lbs of torque and rocks a three-speed automatic so you’ll want to make sure you only stock your trailer with frozen snacks of the highest weight to value ratio.


That trailer shows two ice chests in the ad—one looking professional and all, and another that looks like a ratchet Kenmore where, in the opener of a CSI episode they would eventually find the body. The ad doesn’t say which one comes with the deal, but I’m going to go with ratchet.


Another inconsistency in the ad is the type of wheels the Geo rocks. In the lede picture it rolls on some chrome donks while in all the others it sports some more modest five spoke alloys. I’m not sure if those are aftermarket or off of something else—they look sort of Mopar-ish to me—but suffice to say they lack the bling of the high rollers.

That’s okay though because the rest of the car is attention getting. It sports the Lightning McQueen color, number 95, and Ziggy Stardust bolt down each side. There’s also a slew of sponsor decals and it appears that the car comes with a big eye windshield cover too. That sort of covers up the car’s best feature, the Lightning Mc ICE CREAM banner across the top of the windshield. That’s comedy gold right there, folks.


The seller claims that health issues are forcing the sale. Maybe there’s been too many years sampling the stock? The asking price for both car and trailer is $6,000, and they claim that you can make that back in ice cream sales in just three to four months. Sounds like a win-win to me as long as you don’t also eat your inventory.


What’s your take on this Cars homage Geo and trailer and that $6,000 price? Does that mean you’d be in business? Or, does that say no sale?

You decide!


Detroit, MI Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

HT to Earl Snake Hips Tucker for the hookup!

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