For $500, You Could Buy This Hole Jeep

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The price limit for the venerated racing series known as the 24 Heures du LeMons is five Benjamins. That doesn't allow for the accouterments that define a team's theme, however today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Jeep already has that covered. But is that LeMons-worthy price still driller killer?

BMW's Z1 may have been plum full of zukunft- what with all the innovative technologies thrown its way - but that zukunft is now in the vergangenheit, albeit not sufficiently so to make the little illegal alien worth the kind of scratch its present custodian is asking. That was the opinion of 68% of you, who thought the car's price should drop faster than its doors.


Today, let's get a little screwy.

It's a rare instance when we have a candidate here with so unique a purpose as this Jeep CJ5 with built-in auger. The thing of it is, while not presently running, and in fact a prime candidate for having a tree growing through it, this mean green machine is also a strong contender for a winning LeMons entry. Why, you might ask? Well, there's its $500 price tag, and the fact that any competitor that sees those two big screws bearing down on them in the rear-view will invariably get out of the way.

Sure, it's presently a little more Bob the Builder than Mad Max, but the ad claims that with the addition of both starter and air in the tires this meadow muffin will once again be both rolling and post hole accommodating. That leaves a hell of a lot of leeway in prepping for that most noble of competitions, the lunacy that is LeMons.


Or, just maybe you'd want to employ it for its original raison d'être, impressing the ladies. Hello girls, what your sign? Anyone interested in a massive screwing? Of course should that not be your bag then it should still be good at drilling holes in the actual sense rather than just with the metaphorical lothario meaning.

Having a rolling tool for quickly creating an impromptu long drop will mean you can bury your scat wherever you go, just like the cat! And I mean who wouldn't want that? Also, as it's just shy of a backhoe in the manly tools department, owning it would be like getting double coupons on extra strength testosterone.


Of course it's not all sex and glory here, there are some issues that need to be addressed. A prime one is the lack of windshield wipers. That might not seem so bad in light of the drought currently affecting much of the nation, but the fact that the wipers attach to the Windshield frame does bring to light the fact that this Jeep lacks a windshield too. No big deal that, they bolt right on and are available in plentiful stock at any regional Jeep Meet, in a multitude of colors.

Then there's the lack of sealed beams populating the two big holes on either side of the iconic Jeep grille. That'll make nighttime driving a little more of an adventure until you can get to Pep Boys, but their dead eye stare does contribute to the truck's crazy satan contenance.


Okay, so this is a Jeep full of possibilities. They say the world is your oyster and if that's so then this Drill Sargent Jeep is a double shooter of the slimy mollusks with a pearl necklace thrown in for good measure. And it's $500. Even if you have no interest in campaigning LeMons in so amazing a chariot, nor finally undertaking that hole to China you promised yourself at eight years of age, then at the very least it's worth more than that in scrap, right?

What do you think, is the agrarian aggressor seemingly worth peeling off five C-notes? Or, is that just the start of the hole buying it would dig you?


You decide!


Washington DC Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Seymour_aussie for the hookup!

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