Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Pontiac may presently call the Motor City home, but its roots are really from down under. Let’s see if its price could have you getting down to brass tacks.

The license plate on yesterday’s 1991 Honda Civic Shuttle started with the letters “GRR” and that was apropos considering the response to the car’s $5,500 asking price. That’s right, few of you were down with the brown when it came to a car many of you felt wouldn’t be safe driving on the daily, or that wasn’t cool or classic enough to purchase as a collectable.


In the end, it dropped in a 75 percent Crack Pipe loss.

Hey, who wants to tie me kangaroo down sport? If you answered that question in the affirmative then maybe you’ll also like this 2009 Aussie-built Holden Pontiac G8 GXP.

The G8 is a true Little Orphan Angry as both its Pontiac mom and Holden dad have gone to the great wrecking yard in the sky. Pontiac went tits up back in 2010, while Holden is in the process of shuttering its last car plant this very month.


Here in America we love the Aussies. They’ve given us Mad Max, beer at breakfast, and (huuuuhhh) Wicked Weasel bikinis. Yeah, don’t look up that last one while at work.


They also gave us great cars like the Holden Commodore which were sold here as the Pontiac G8 and later the Chevy Caprice and still later the SS.

That’s all in the past now as there will apparently be no more Commodores other than the ones featuring Lionel Richie, and that play in Vegas. If you want to play however, this Commodore/G8 seems pretty game.


First off, the GXP edition of the G8 was the top of the performance sedan’s foodchain. It borrowed a 415 horsepower LS3 from the Corvette, and backed that up with and available Tremec TR-6060 six-speed stick. That’s good, but this one goes that one better... well actually about 400 better. I’ll just let the ad explain.

Up for sale is my fully built 800+ whp G8 GXP. Factory GM TR6060 6 speed manual transmission. Motor is fully built top to bottom, top quality forged components, hand assembled. Full LSA swapped, GM LSA Block, GMPP LS9 CNC Heads, LSA supercharger, Dual 450lph fuel pumps, flex fuel setup, custom fuel system install, custom supercharger cooler install, 2" long tube headers, 3" exhaust, 1200 hp clutch, carbon driveshaft, fully poly suspension bushings, custom installed Z/28 camaro shocks & struts, upgraded rear suspension parts, 1000 hp axles, CTS-V Big Brake upgrade with two piece rotors. Carbon fiber rear wing.


Yes, this thing likely eats M5s for lunch and then polishes off AMGs as a late night snack. I think one of the biggest pluses here is that it still sports its Pontiac badges as it seems most owners like to revert their G8s to their primordial Holden forms.


The car is said to be in most excellent shape. There’s just over 100K on the body and that shows some minor stone chipping in the nose and a small scratch on its ass. This car is NOT a sleeper as the GXP was butched up over the standard G8, which itself kind of stood out. This one sports an air flipper on the boot lid and big-ass SLP Firehawk wheels (custom widened in back!) that give it an even more aggressive presence.

The interior is claimed to be pristine, and it looks it save for the floor mats. A Hurst short shifter takes up residence in the console, and there are some extra gauges here and not there. Otherwise however, it’s a pretty stock look in there.


According to the seller, this is a daily driver, and one that pulls out all those ponies on E85 pump gas. It also puts on quite the light show on the dyno so you can invite the neighbor kids over to make S’mores with it when the mood hits.


Prices on G8s are all over the map, with V6 base models often asking less than seven grand and V8 GTs typically going for more than twice that. The relatively rare—only 1,830 built—GXP can go for way more than that. This one is in the heliosphere of G8 pricing, obviously owing to its extensive mods and its heavy metal bonafides.

That price is a cool $50,000. That get’s you a car that’s likely going to be like wrestling a bear to drive, and who wouldn’t want to wrestle that bear? What’s your take here, is this custom G8 worth that $50K asking? Or, is this a modded Aussie with a price that’s not so awesome?


You decide!


Detroit, MI Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to FauxShizzle for the hookup!

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